Planning and Zoning

Investigate real estate laws before breaking ground in Nicholasville

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Local, state and federal law

Before a contractor or real estate company decides to build, they need to check specific regulations. At Bruce E. Smith Law Offices, PLLC, we know what is needed to move forward with construction. We'll discuss the plans you have for your business and make sure they align with local, state and federal laws. Make sure to discuss your plan with us beforehand and avoid legal complications later on.

Let us help achieve your goals

We all care about the safety and quality of our environment -- and the rules and regulations of planning and zoning law aim to preserve these values. We understand that such laws may be new to you and will put them in comprehensible terms. We approach the challenges of compliance in new real estate projects by looking at the big picture together and drafting an appropriate, conforming plan. Let us help you achieve your goals while keeping you in line with the law.

Build without interruption

Building plans involve intricate detail. We want to make sure that you are doing everything necessary to satisfy local, state, and federal regulation. We do not want your project to risk delay or termination because of a legal issue. We will be sure to double check that everything is accurate before you start working so you may build without interruption. Not sure what legal pitfalls may obstruct your plan? Give us a call today to schedule a discussion.
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